Our Work:

Women's magazines:
Specialized women's press is one of the most important characteristic of our business, especially as they are addressing the half of the society. Apart from the superficial or yellow press, our publications are taking place of pride among women's magazines.
Elite monthly magazine, that celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2009, is issued by Dar al-Madina Press Group in Saudi Arabia and distributed in the Arab world.
Venus monthly magazine, published from Dubai, is specialized in the world of beauty and care.
Outour wa Maquillage is a quarterly Arabic magazine, which is specialized in the art of make up and perfumes.

CARS magazine :
Assayarat monthly magazine distributed in the Arab world, exceeded in its sixth year 78 issues and has won the confidence of the Arab reader by covering all novelties in the world of cars, from the specialized exhibitions to the latest news of the industry. Accuracy and speed are the prominent characteristics of this publication.

Sa`at wa Moujawharat:
This magazine, published quarterly since 2000, is specialized in the world of time and the glitter of precious stones and gems. It won the confidence of the international brands, which impacted positively the reader. It became one of the most important references in the world of watches and jewelry.

Wedding magazine
Elite Afrah is the long-awaited guide. It represents a quarterly catalog specialized from A to Z in bride's matters, including beauty care and details of wedding preparations as well as matters concerning the bride-to-be.

There are many non-regular and periodic brochures in which we are contributing including health and technical bulletins and promotional advertising ones.

Books and encyclopedias:
The preparation of the books Encyclopedias is a professional work in the particular field of deep research and graphic design. Our success stories include: Encyclopedia of the Lebanese war of 10 parts, which received special appraisal in the Book Fair in Lebanon, a Glossary of States and Countries of 4 parts, Golden Book of 8 parts, Encyclopedia of Food of 12 parts, and the World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Woman of 4 parts. As for the books, many publishing houses and universities are depending on us to design their books or to write and verify information. Even for the individual books having special versions, we manage to ensure a very original style.

We contribute in the development of companies image, from the logo, to the correspondence and catalogs. We are elaborating appropriate texts and collecting ideas to show the true image of the company they are aiming at.





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