Who are we

Despite the recent establishment of Stampa Media in 2004, our long history is extending over 30 years of professional journalism.
Since its inception, Stampa Media has been keen to build a strong relationship with the Arab reader, wherever he existed, taking knowledge as, and bearing in mind that it should be the way to credibility. The various publications we are issuing became a reference to who is seeking for the correct information and useful news.

Its aim is to contribute to the development of periodicals, and the design of new useful books and encyclopedias with special care to articles and reports as well as luxurious technical design.

Our offices in Lebanon, country of the first alphabet, cover an area of more than 1500 square meters, divided into 3 offices and our team exceeds 30 passionate professionals dealing with editing, writing, photography and design.
Our correspondents are covering the activities, from exhibitions to field investigations and exclusive news.

Our team is specialized, professional and accurate


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